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Hardware and Software Consulting

We run a consulting programme to help our clients better understand the idea (or problem). Because we want the best for them, we stay with them until they have fully come to terms with how best to approach a design implementation.

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Engineering Review

We perform an engineering review of your product in order to determine the development, scaling, and manufacturing complexity.

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Hardware Design and Fabrication

We help design your hardware solutions from ground up. From the circuitry schematics, block diagram explanation of the solution, to the hand-held device (the product itself). We also run a fabrication subsidiary team which liaise with our partners in US and China to help fabricate the designed board to your utmost desire.

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Software Development

We design state-of-art software for our clients. Because we have a team of young experts who are committed to bringing our clients idea to life, our clients are relaxed, and they welcome our decisions on progressions. We design software applications ranging from Mobile (Android and iOS), Web, Desktop, etc.

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Written Engineering Analysis

We offer Written engineering analysis that includes details on module selections, suggested alternative technologies, thoughts to improve the product, general advice, and more.

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Transparency even in Development

We allow our clients keep track of what exactly is going on regarding their project/idea. They are not left in the dark. We allow them to monitor progress and deadline-set milestones. We also ensure that their payment is secured. Because our reputation is on the line, we keep our word and ensure we make more friends with our clients than enemies.

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We honor Intellectual Property

We honor our clients approach to solving a particular problem. We would also sign Non-Disclosures Agreements (NDA) if you need us to. In fact, we advise you to make us sign an NDA. Most importantly, one of the great things we are good at, is driving you through the process of getting a patent for your idea. We have an outstanding arm responsible for that. We encourage our clients to get the required patents for their solutions.

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